Planting New Trees

We have a close relationship with some of the UK’s premier suppliers of trees and shrubs and can advise, supply and plant the healthiest  tree(s) in your garden.

Too often, we work on trees that have outgrown the available space given  around them, as they mature and begin to reach their full potential.. Reductions, Pollarding and even Take Downs are sometimes necessary for a tree that was simply planted (or self seeded and allowed to grow) in the wrong place.

Planning your new tree(s) should be done with care with the following considerations taken into account:

Some of these factors may take years to affect the tree(s) you plant, but planning ahead will give your tree(s) the best chance of reaching their true, wonderful potential.

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Planting Trees

It is recommended to plant native trees wherever possible (excluding ornamentals or fruit trees) – trees that have spent thousands of years adapting to soil conditions, weather and wildlife. That is not to say you shouldn’t plant non-native species (japanese maples, himalayan birches and indian bean trees look amazing too), it’s just that you should think about how it will work in the environment you are inviting it into, just a little bit more.

Native UK trees began to recolonise the land after the last ice age some 10,000 years ago, making their way north from southern Europe as the glaciers previously gripping the land retreated north. Some 6,000 years ago, 75% of Britain was covered in woodland, which fell to an incredible 5% at the start of the 1900’s.  Now we are at around 11% cover but this is due to afforestation with non-native coniferous species, which now make up more than 50% of trees in Britain today.

Along with native UK trees, there are a number of native UK large shrubs that will reach tree size (and are commonly mistaken for trees themselves).

Non-native species of trees have been imported to the UK for 100’s of years and some now are considered ‘naturalised’.

Our Assessment Process

As part of our initial visit to assess your Tree Planting requirements, we will discuss with you:

Once we have carried out our assessment we will then prepare you a written quote, which will detail the work as agreed.

Tree Surgeon at work cutting tree with man holding rope at bottom
Tree Management with man up tree in back garden performing dead wood removal