Hedge Cutting & Management

Our skilled team of arborists can reduce, shape and manage your hedges to most heights, being licenced to using a cherry picker for those ‘harder to reach places’.

Using Stihl machinery, our hedging equipment will accurately cut (not tear or rip) the tips of your hedging – leaving an attractive close cut, perfect finish.

Regular maintenance is required on your hedges to keep them looking in shape – we will set up regular visits throughout the year and work with you to achieve the desired outcome.

Silhouette of a hedge

One-off annual visits can be arranged to control mixed hedgerows or specific fast growing species.

Occasionally a hedge needs total removal – with the help of our hydraulic hoist, with 4 tonnes of pulling power, we can safely remove both hedge and its root system so that you can reclaim the space for future projects.

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Our Assessment Process of Hedge Cutting & Management

As part of our initial visit to assess your Hedging requirements we will discuss with you:

Note – Though in general, hedges are not afforded the same levels of protection in Conservation Areas as trees, this is not true of hedge rows that have been established for more than 30 years. If you feel that your hedge could be affected by this regulation, it would be best to check with your local authority, if you are considering its complete removal.

Once we have carried out our assessment we will then prepare you a written quote, which will detail the work as agreed.

Tree Surgeon at work cutting tree with man holding rope at bottom
Tree Management with man up tree in back garden performing dead wood removal