Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction reduces the overall height of the tree may be required when there is a need to reduce the stress on particular branches (or the whole tree), if the tree truly has grown too big for the space it occupies or to increase light in an oppressively shady garden.

By selectively removing the outer section of the tree’s branches (whilst leaving most of the leaf bearing structure) – the final result should be that the main framework of the tree is still intact but it’s overall crown has been reduced by up to a maximum of one-third.

In some Crown Reductions, it may be necessary to remove one or some of the internal branches, if they are diseased or damaged, so the tree may not be left with its ‘natural ‘ shape once completed – but over time, the tree will once again, balance itself out.

silhouette of a tree with its crown reduced

Because our tree surgeons will be climbing to the outer part of the tree to carry out the Crown Reduction, they are limited to how far they can safely cut – a general rule is that no cut should be bigger than 100mm (4 inches), protecting the internal integrity of the tree the ‘heartwood’.

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Our Assessment Process of Crown Reduction

As part of our initial visit to assess the crown reduction we will discuss with you:

Once we have carried out our checks with your local authority and know the protection status of your tree(s), we will then prepare you a written quote, which will detail the work as agreed.

Trees which have had a crown reduction
Tree Surgeon at work cutting tree with man holding rope at bottom
Tree Management with man up tree in back garden performing dead wood removal