Formative Pruning

When a tree is young, you should think about how it will grow over the next five, ten, twenty years or more, and this begins with Formative Pruning. Whilst it is immature, you can help it develop into a stronger, more balance and well-shaped specimen – preventing future (and sometimes costly) major tree surgery.

Naturally, over time, your tree will form into its adult shape but as in most urban settings, this means that it will probably outgrow the space that it was originally intended for.

By carrying out Formative Pruning (with knowledgeable, selective branch removal) our tree surgeons can train and assist the tree’s development and structure – allowing it to grow into a well shaped and healthy tree.

Formative pruning is particularly useful for fruit trees, enabling the stronger branches to support their crops.

silhouette of a tree which has undergone formative pruning

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Our Assessment Process of Formative Pruning

As part of our initial visit to assess the Formative Pruning of your tree(s) we will discuss with you:

Note – Even in Conservation areas, small trees less than 75mm in diameter (measured at 1.5m from ground level (or more than 100mm if reducing the number of trees to benefit the growth of other trees) – do not need permission to work on.

Once we have discussed the tree work with you, we will then prepare you a written quote, which will detail the work as agreed.

close up of young fig tree branch following formative pruning
Tree Surgeon at work cutting tree with man holding rope at bottom
Tree Management with man up tree in back garden performing dead wood removal