Topping involves the complete removal of the top of a tree’s crown, preventing it from producing energy through photosynthesis.  It’s own root system will become strangled by its stores of unneeded sucrose, glucose, fructose and starch – the carbohydrates that were needed to previously feed itself.

The last resort

As professional tree surgeons we do not ‘Top’ trees unless it has failed and is going to be part of a future Take Down.

More, large cuts in the trunk and heartwood will leave the tree at the mercy of decay, fungi, incest infestations and untimely death.

silhouette of a tree which has been endured crown topping

Before it dies, the tree will go into epicormic shock growth (whereby an injured tree will throw out lots of buds and shoots to compensate for the loss of foliage) – left unmanaged, these shoots will grow weakly and if left unchecked, will fail.

The alternative to Topping is Pollarding, which is probably the most stressful tree surgery a tree should be put under.

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Our Assessment Process of Topping trees

As part of our initial visit to assess the Topping of your tree(s) we will discuss with you:

Once we have carried out our checks with your local authority and know the protection status of your tree(s), we will then prepare you a written quote, which will detail the work as agreed.

Tree Surgeon in tree topping branches with chainsaw
Tree Surgeon at work cutting tree with man holding rope at bottom
Tree Management with man up tree in back garden performing dead wood removal