Dead Wood Removal

In mature, fast growing, or diseased, dead and dying trees – you will find dead wood, which will need to be safely removed before it becomes a danger to people or property below

Dead Wood can occur for the following reasons:

Our skilled tree surgeons will safely lower larger branches and carefully remove dead wood that will eventually fall from the tree to the ground below. 

With larger failures, it may be necessary to set up a lowering rig above the deadwood, in order to control its descent.

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Our Assessment Process of Dead Wood Removal

As part of our initial visit to assess Deadwooding your tree(s)  we will discuss with you:

Note – Deadwooding a tree with TPO’s (or even those that are in a conservation area) does not require permission to work on, from your local authority as it is seen as dangerous and can be carried out immediately. 

Additional permission will need to be sought if further remedial work is required for the long term health of the tree.

Tree Surgeon up tree cutting of branch
Tree Surgeon at work cutting tree with man holding rope at bottom
Tree Management with man up tree in back garden performing dead wood removal