Meet Our Team of Tree Surgeons

Joe Foulger - Tree Surgeon

After adventures in Borneo, Joe worked as a Team Leader for the outdoor family  adventure company, PGL. Realising his passion for all things outdoor, after qualifying Joe began his careeer with Microbee, a respected Wimbledon base tree management services company, where he crafted his skills.

Keen to climb, Joe then worked as a contractor for a number of smaller independent tree surgery companies that regularly require a highly skilled tree surgeon, who can tackle those bigger and more complex jobs.

Joe has worked with NE Gardencare as their appointed tree surgeon for a number of years and now heads up the team 

In his spare time, Joe loves nothing better than wetting-a-line next to a river, trying to stork out that (still) elusive barble, brewing all sorts and drinking craft beer.

Tree Surgeon in tree topping branches with chainsaw

Frankie Hawks - Tree Surgeon

After completing a History degree, Frankie was contemplating her next move into the police force, when she heard the buzzing of a chainsaw coming from her family’s garden – looking out, she was fascinated by the skill and precision of the tree surgeons at work, and the thrill!

After 2 years of practical training with well respected tree surgeons, Down to Earth, Frankie qualified and was ready for her next challenge, working for a smaller tree surgery company where she will climb, make decisions and hone her craft on an almost daily basis.

In her spare time Frankie builds things, goes for mammoth rides on her classic peugeot-3 geared bike and drinks most beer (not cider).

Certificates held by our team:

Equipment We Use

Over the past 2 years we have invested heavily in the latest Sthil forestry and gardening machinery, so that we can confidently take on each new job knowing that we have the best tools to hand.

It is vital for the health of the trees that we work on that all of the cuts we make are clean and true, so in addition to our investment we also regularly maintain and service our equipment to ensure that it works, every time.